Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1

The Rick and Morty Bong Bestseller

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Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1

Rick and Morty Bongs

Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1


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  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • 8 inches tall
  • Themed Rick and Morty bong
  • 5 designs available
  • Weighs about 500 gramm
  • Matching 14.4mm glass bowl included
  • Ice carbs
  • 5mm thick glass
  • Ships from Salt Lake City, Utah

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Rick and Morty Bongs
Buy a Rick and Morty 8 Inches Ice Bong from your first collection

Our very first Rick and Morty bong collection comes in five unique styles, each featuring three ice pinches plus a matchable 14.4mm glass bowl. A must-have for every Rick and Morty fan.

Collection Details
Options: 5
Height: 8 Inches
Price: $62.95
Base: Beaker
Feature: Ice pinches
Weight: ca. 12.5oz
Thickness: 5mm

Why buy this Rick & Morty Bong

  1. Pick between 5 exclusive styles
    Each of the five bongs come with a variety of uniquely designed Rick and Morty moments to provide you a laugh before your next trip.
  2. The coolest bong you’ll own
    Nothing compares to taking hits with your lads from a Rick and Morty themed bong. Get ready to protect that new space ship from anyone that comes near it!
  3. Enhance the effect of your herb
    The bong used for this collection was specifically designed to get the best out of your dry herb by allowing the smoke to be chilled down as well as offering three ice pinches for an even smoother caugh-free hit.
  4. Portable, light and easy to clean
    This 8 inches bong only weighs 12.5oz and fits in almost any backpack for easy transportation and cleaning.
  5. High-quality premium glass
    All Rick and Morty bongs are blown with premium 5mm borosilicate glass to ensure stability and effectiveness.

5 Exclusive Rick & Morty Bongs For Sale

With over 10 unique Rick and Morty designs, our Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1 offers you the coolest style available. Let’s have a closer look at what styles are available.

Option 1 – Stoner Rick – 8 Inches Ice Bong

Option A features 13 placements from four designs including Dr. Sanchez enjoying a little cromulon dab, taking hits from the smoke-mask as well as getting caught red-eyed! Find all designs on the product page.

Option 2 – Stoner Duo – 8 Inches Ice Bong

Option B comes with 16 placements made up of 6 designs including them getting lit together, pickle rick being pickle rick, and Mr. Meeseeks getting ready to shoot one up! More details of what specific design have been used you’ll find here.

Option 3 – Leaf Rick – 8 Inches Ice Bong

Option C comes in with 12 placements made of 5 designs of them getting schwifty together. This collection includes designs of them lightning up in a duo, Rick trying a recycler for the first time as well as the Monster Bud from another unknown dimension.

Option 4 – Dr. Spliff – 8 Inches Ice Bong

14 placements of 5 designs cover the Rick and Morty Bong Collection 1 Option D. The front runner being Dr. Spliff, Rick with his favorite recycler plus the Monster Bud trying to water his herb.

Option 5 – Peace Among Worlds – 8 Inches Ice Bong

The last Option E offers four placements including their hilarious “peace among worlds” sign, Mr. Meeseeks trying to free himself as well as Rick and Morty getting lit together.

The #1 Rick and Morty Bong Shop

rick and morty bongs for sale
Shop from over 100 Rick and Morty themed bongs.

DippyGlass offers you nothing but the best and cheapest Rick and Morty bongs available online. We produce all of our bongs by ourselves so we can make sure you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

Your advantages with DippyGlass:

  1. Largest selection of Rick & Morty bongs
    With over 100+ uniquely styled Rick and Morty bongs, DippyGlass offers you the largest selection of Rick and Morty themed glass bongs available online.
  2. Fast and free delivery
    All of our Rick and Morty bongs will be shipped by USPS First Class Mail only. The price you see is the price you pay, 3-day delivery included. If you order before 4pm, you will get your glass piece the very next day.
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    All of our bong styles can only be bought at DippyGlass. Discover the varieties of Rick and Morty designs and pick the bong style you like the most.
  4. Cheapest prices
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Additional information

Weight15 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 12 in

8 inches

Joint Size



Custom Design, Ice Carbs, Themed




1 – Stoner Rick, 2 – Stoner Duo, 3 – Leaf Rick, 4 – Dr. Spliff, 5 – Peace Among World's


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