Beaker Buddy | 5 Colors 8 Inch | Mini Ice Glass Bongs

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Beaker Buddy | 5 Colors 8 Inch | Mini Ice Glass Bongs

Beaker Buddy | 5 Colors 8 Inch | Mini Ice Glass Bongs


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Reliable Solid Beaker Ice Bongs by Dippyglass

  • Beaker-shaped glass base
  • 14.4mm glass bowl included
  • 8 inches height
  • Colored glass tip
  • Comfortable rimmed tip
  • Pick between black, green, white, pink, or blue
  • Detachable glass downstem
  • Includes 3 Ice carbs
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This sleek beaker base ice bong is part of the DippyGlass captivating line of high-quality glass bongs produced by DippyGlass at an affordable price. This lightweight piece is crafted from clear, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and stands at the height of 8 inches. It comes with a 14.4mm glass bowl, 5 mm glass thickness, and a wide, stable base. It has all of the essential features of a bong and can last for years if properly cared for and maintained. Nothing ruins the flavor of a fine smoke quite like a filthy bong. Fortunately, this bong is relatively straightforward to clean. Cleaning this bong is simple, as it features a detachable downstem for easy access to hard-to-reach areas and stains.

DippyGlass Beaker Buddy comes with a stable beaker base that is ideal for quick hits and packs a blow. The bong is small enough to fit safely and efficiently into a backpack, making it suitable for parties, travel, or just chilling on your friend’s couch. The bong’s roomy beaker base helps the smoke cool more quickly than it does with a straight shooter and offers excellent stability. The thick mouthpiece is rimmed, making it very comfortable to use for extended periods.

The smoke is isolated and filtered as it passes through the submerged slits on the downstem, and the three ice notches allow you to insert a few ice cubes into the bong’s tube for an extra cool toke. This critical filtration and cooling process results in a cleaner, more pleasant hit that is still flavorful but is gentler on the throat and lungs.

The products appear almost identical to the ones commonly used by chemists. Beaker Bongs are the best choice if you look for easier control and performance while staying stable on a flat surface. It’s a budget-friendly glass beaker bong that is ideal for everyday use. The bong is available in the following colors with the rimmed tip: black, pink, white, blue, and green. When placing your order, please choose the desired color from the selector.

This incredible beaker ice bong is perfect for solo use but large enough to share with mates. This lightweight beaker bong and various other fantastic designs from the DippyGlass series are available for purchase online today, while supplies last, at, World’s Premium Bong Manufacturer. Check out more of our Premium DippyGlass Ice Bongs here.

  • 5mm broad glass
  • 3.5 inches beaker base diameter
  • 14.4mm glass bowl
  • Incorporated ice carbs
  • Borosilicate glass of superior quality
  • Beaker structure for stability
  • Portable and Easy to clean
  • Detachable downstem
  • Comfortable rimmed glass tip
  • 5 colorful tips selection (black, pink, white, blue, and green)
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  • A quick, painless return process
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Additional information

Weight15 oz
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 in

black, pink, white, blue, green


Bowl, Removable Downstem

Base Type

beaker base


Branded, Coloring, Ice Carbs

Glass Thickness



8 inches

Joint Size




Base Diameter

3.5 Inch



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