Fumed Shower | 5.5 Inch | Mini Silver Fumed Perc Glass Bong

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Fumed Shower | 5.5 Inch | Mini Silver Fumed Perc Glass Bong

Fumed Shower | 5.5 Inch | Mini Silver Fumed Perc Glass Bong


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Every Filtered Cloud Has a Silver Lining

  • Includes a showerhead percolator
  • 5.5 inches in height
  • Silver fumed glass
  • 14.4mm glass bowl included
  • 5mm glass thickness
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This elegant Fumed Shower Perc Glass Bong is part of DippyGlass’s tempting collection of affordable, high-quality glass bongs. This 5.5-inch tall bong is crafted from borosilicate glass that is translucent and resistant to heat. It has a 14.4mm glass, a showerhead percolator, and a wide, sturdy base. It possesses all of the essential aspects of a bong that will last for years when properly cared for and stored.

Nothing hurts the flavor of a fresh smoke quite like a filthy bong. On the other hand, cleaning this bong is a breeze due to its clever nature, which allows for easy access to difficult-to-reach areas and stains.

The Fumed Shower Perc Glass Bong has a solid base and a showerhead percolator ideal for long-drawn hits and packs a blow. The bong fits quickly and safely in a backpack, making it suitable for parties, travel, or just relaxing on a friend’s couch. The ingeniously crafted bong makes for faster cooling of the smoke than a straight bullet and offers exceptional stability. The mouthpiece is thick and rimmed, making it highly comfortable to use for extended periods.

Percolator Beaker Bongs are ideal if you want improved filtration and stability on a flat surface. It’s a high-quality glass beaker bong that’s ideal for everyday use. The bong is available in a silver fumed glass with a rimmed tip.

This magnificent beaker perc bong is small enough to use alone but artistic sufficient to brag about your peers. The bong is compact enough to slip into a backpack, making it ideal for vacations or a session with a friend. With this stunning work of art, you’ll get up the ante on your smoking sessions and enjoy your favorite herbs in style! Purchase your Fumed Shower Perc Glass Bong in DippyGlass.com, the industry’s leading maker of bongs, bubblers, and smoking accessories. If the outstanding characteristics aren’t enough to persuade you, the cool tokes provided by this bong will have you thanking DippyGlass for including it in your collection. While you’re here, we’d like to highlight a few of our most well-known and affordable brands, including this Double Hitter Perc Glass Bong.

  • With a 14.4mm glass bowl
  • 5.5 inches tall
  • 5mm glass thickness
  • Includes a showerhead percolator
  • Sturdy base
  • Straight tube base
  • 3 inches base diameter
  • Silver fumed glass
  • Thick mouth-tip
  • Manufactured from premium borosilicate glass
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Hand-made
  • Ships direct from the manufacturer (That’s us!)
  • Free and fast shipping(1-3 days First Class Mail Delivery)
  • A quick, painless return process
  • High-security payment providers

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 8 in


Base Type

beaker base


Coloring, Multicolored, Percolator

Glass Thickness



5.5 inches

Joint Size








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