Curvy Babe | Pink 10 Inch | Premium Pink Ice Perc Bong

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Curvy Babe | Pink 10 Inch | Premium Pink Ice Perc Bong

Curvy Babe | Pink 10 Inch | Premium Pink Ice Perc Bong


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Pink Haze Anyone?

  • Pink glass accents
  • 10 inches in height
  • Ice carbs incorporated
  • Includes a 4 arm percolator
  • Detachable downstem
  • Wide pink-colored base
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With this ergonomically designed Curvy Babe Premium Pink Perc Ice Bong, you may find yourself tempted to smoke in extended limits. This exquisitely crafted bong stands 10 inches tall and is made of high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Its beaker-shaped foundation maximizes smoke volume while keeping it from quickly tipping over during sessions. This bong encourages filtration by breaking up the haze, resulting in a more straightforward, smooth intake. It also cools the smoke as it goes through the four-arm percolator, right before reaching the lungs.

This glass-blown pink-colored glass bong has an eye-catching vivid look and a straight neck with a rimmed mouthpiece that seals well against the lips. The beaker-shaped bong is ideal for everyday use and will last a long time with careful treatment. This bong is safe to clean due to its detachable downstem, making easy access to hard-to-reach areas and stains.

Because of its compact nature, the bong is suitable for traveling or enjoying a cloud of smoke with a friend. This stunning perc bong will intensify your smoking gatherings and motivate you to host smoke parties with your peers!, the industry’s leading manufacturer of bongs, bubblers, and cigarette products, sells Curvy Babe Premium Pink Perc Ice Bong at an affordable price! If the attractive features aren’t enough to convince you, the grand tokes provided by this bong would make you grateful to DippyGlass for having it in your smoking collection. While you’re here, help us spotlight some of our most favorite and inexpensive products, such as this compact 6.5-inch Little Twister Colored Glass Percolator Bong!

  • Glass-blown pink accents
  • Includes a 4-arm percolator
  • With a 14.4mm glass bowl
  • 10 inches tall
  • 5mm thick glass
  • beaker base
  • Ice carbs incorporated
  • Detachable glass downstem
  • Manufactured from premium borosilicate glass
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Hand-made
  • Ships direct from the manufacturer (That’s us!)
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Additional information

Weight31 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 14 in



Glass Bowl, Removable Downstem

Base Type

beaker base


Coloring, Custom Design, Ice Carbs, Percolator, Themed

Glass Thickness



10 Inch

Joint Size





4 arm


Small, Big