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If you’re looking for the highest quality at the best prices, DippyGlass is the place to get your next awesome weed bong. Your order goes direct to the manufacturer, meaning you get your hand-made bong quicker and for cheaper.

Weed bongs aren’t just for lazy teenagers. When you shop with us, you get the best, artistic designs from exclusive glassblowers around the world, meaning you don’t have to choose between quality or fun designs. Looking for a design that no one else has yet? Check our newest weed bongs for worldwide exclusives.

Because our weed bongs come directly from the manufacturer, we’ve cut out the middleman fees, ensuring we can bring you luxurious weed bongs at the most sensible prices. Check out our cheapest and below $50 range to see premium bongs with the finest online deals.

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Weed Bongs from Manufacturers
Save more to spend on your stash – get premium pieces without the premium prices.
FREE, Fast & Discreet Shipping
All weed bongs shipped fast, free, and discreet with USPS shipping.
Exclusive Weed Bong Designs
The greatest glass for grass of any online headshop. Artistic, durable, functional.
Premium Selection of Weed Bongs
Extensive selection of exclusive weed bong pieces to choose from, glass and silicone available.