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If you’re after top quality rigs without the fees, DippyGlass is the place to be. We ship all rigs direct from the manufacturer to guarantee the best deals and quick shipping times, without the middleman fees and jacked up prices.

Each dab rig in our selection is made from hand-spun borosilicate glass or FDA approved silicone to guarantee the highest standards of smoking. This also makes them more durable and less likely to break when dropped. Our collection features the cheapest rigs with the newest designs – many of which are designed specifically for DippyGlass!

No matter what your favorite concentrate is, or how you prefer to smoke it, we’ve got your back with all types of rigs, from percs to portable setups.

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Rigs from Manufacturers
Rare rigs for a fraction of the usual price when you buy direct from the factory.
FREE, Fast & Discreet Shipping
All rigs shipped fast, free, and discreet with USPS shipping.
Exclusive Rig Designs
Unique rigs designed by our in-house team, manufactured on site.
Premium Selection of Rigs
Huge collection of rigs – you won’t find these at any other headshop!