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Percolator Bongs

Get the most high-tech, premium percolator bongs directly from the warehouses that make them for the highest quality guaranteed.

Our large range of premium percolator bongs are each individually hand-made to assure their durability and functionality as the best perc bongs you’ll experience. For the most highly filtrated inhalations yet at the most affordable prices, DippyGlass is undoubtedly the best online store when it comes to premium perc bongs.

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Percolator Bongs from Manufacturers
Get the smoothest hits quicker and cheaper when you buy from the manufacturer.
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Ultra fast shipping via USPS, always free, and always packaged plainly.
Exclusive Hand-Made Percolator Bongs
Each and every one of our percolator bongs is hand-made for the best quality assurance.
Premium Selection of Percolator Bongs
All types of aesthetically pleasing and crazy designs in all types of percs.

Because perc bongs are often so highly praised for how sick they look, it’s easy to stumble across low-quality or knock-off versions of them on the internet by companies who want to capitalize off of this.

At DippyGlass, we only have your best interests at heart – we believe stoners deserve the best quality possible, especially when it comes to the bigger investments such as buying a glass percolator bong.

What to Consider When you Buy Percolator Bongs Online

Arguably the most important thing to consider when contemplating the investment in a percolator bong is the quality of it. Even if you find a perc bong with a cheap starting price, you don’t want to sink money in something that is liable to break as soon as it sets foot in your house.

In this sense, you want to be looking at premium percolator bongs to ensure that the design is inclusive of both functionality and durability.

Look for the best designs possible, because there’s no reason why you should have to go for a boring looking percolator glass bong that looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in a high school science lab. Perc bongs are a work of art, so it only makes sense to honor that by going with a design that you truly love!

A common mistake when it comes to buying the best percolator bongs is thinking that they’re ‘too advanced’ for you. People often get scared of the fact that they seem pretty high-tech, but this shouldn’t put you off; ripping from a perc bong is exactly the same as doing so from a normal bong. The extra work is done by the bong, not by you, meaning there’s nothing to be afraid of.

It’s also a sensible move to buy a percolator bong that is made, or at the very least ships from, within the US. That way, you’ll avoid any crazy fees for shipping and handling, and you can get your smoke on quicker.

Coolest High-Quality Perc Bongs

Glass percolator bongs are traditionally a lot of money, particularly if you’re going with big brand names, so you should always be sure to pick one that you definitely like the design of (and would be proud to have displayed in your home), as well as picking one that is comfortable for you to use. Here’s 5 of our coolest premium percolator bongs for sale to give you some inspiration.

Styles of Premium Percolator Bong

If you’re sick of searching ‘percolator bongs near me’ and not finding much, come to us. With the internet’s hugest range of percolator glass bongs, shipped to you from within the US directly from the manufacturer themselves, we’ll take care of all your perc needs.

Our perc bongs are all hand-blown from strong scientific glass in exclusive designs to give you a truly unique, top-shelf quality experience.

We have a huge range of sizes when it comes to percolator bongs. Usually, the bigger a perc bong is, the more percolator features it contains. It is possible to also get small percolator bongs and percolator dab rigs. For instance, we have mini 5-inch bongs with percolator features, as well as tall 10-inch bongs with multiple bong percolators.

We work with some of the world’s best and most well-known glasswork artists to bring your favorite designs and colors to life, ensuring you get a bong that feels highly personal whilst still being premium. As well as a bunch of different colors- including green, red, and black- we stock all your favorite characters as designs such as Rick & Morty and Hello Kitty!

DippyGlass carries most varieties of bong percolators. We have the old classics such as honeycomb percolators, which filter smoke through a set of tiny holes in a disk in the bong tube, and showerhead percs, which features a large, thick disk in the centre of the bong that filters the smoke through small slits or holes. There are also the slightly more experimental fritted disk percolators, which act similarly to a honeycomb but have much more holes, and matrix percs, which are essentially a series of showerhead percs stacked upon one another.

No matter what type of percolation is your favorite, or what design you want for your new percolator glass bong, there are always cheaper or heavily discounted options if you’re looking to buy a premium perc bong on a budget.

How do Perc Bongs Work? Pros and Cons?

How exactly a perc bong works depends on which type you decide to go for, but by and large, perc bongs simply work by adding extra layers of filtration (either through water or air) before the smoke gets to the mouth of the bong.

Most percs do this by creating more bubbles in the bong water, which eventually reach the surface and travel up towards you. The included water vapor simultaneously cools and strains the smoke to ensure that it’s super smooth and easy to take once it gets to your mouth.

This is the main benefit of perc bongs; they simply provide a way less bumpy ride than pipes or even regular bongs. They also look much more advanced when you’re smoking due to the fact they create dope patterns in the smoke or water.

As you end up coughing way less with a perc bong due to the levels of sieving that the smoke goes through before you inhale, they’re slightly healthier for you as they’re less likely to leave that gross feeling in your throat the day after a heavy session.

Another pro of perc bongs from DippyGlass is that because they come direct from the manufacturer, you’re guaranteed the best quality around. There’s no middle man to mediate if you get a low-quality bong that breaks- that’s on us! That’s why we guarantee that all of our glass percolator bongs for sale is made from durable borosilicate glass or FDA-approved silicone.

The cons of a perc bong? There aren’t many! The only possible cons would be that they can be a little bit harder or more time consuming to clean given that cleaning out the holes/slits can be a little fiddly, and the fact that they’re often on the bigger side of bongs which makes them more suitable for stay-at-home sessions.

Shop Premium Perc Bongs on a Budget

If you’re looking for a premium perc bong but don’t want to pay premium prices, here’s our best percolator bongs for sale with huge discounts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can a bong have more than one percolator? Absolutely! A lot of bongs have multiple percolators, either of the same type of percolator or a mixture of a few.
  2. Can you get premium perc bongs for cheap? You bet! Browse our discounted lines to see lower prices.
  3. What are your shipping policies? We ship to you directly from the factory with USPS Priority Mail, which will take 1-3 days to reach you. Always packaged discreetly.
  4. What branded perc bongs do you stock? We currently stock official Hello Kitty percolator bongs, as well as an exclusive line of dope Rick&Morty bongs.
  5. Do you have acrylic perc bongs for sale? Yup! Our silicone is specially approved by the FDA and we carry a couple types of silicone perc bong.