Ice Bongs

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Ice Bongs

Get the most advanced, high-quality ice bongs straight from the manufacturer.

Our affordable, hand-crafted ice catcher bongs are specifically designed to maximize the cooling process of your smoke, providing you the coldest, smoothest, and most purest hits possible.

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Ice Bongs from Manufacturers
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Our ice bongs are shipped using USPS priority mail with highly discreet and robust packaging.
Exclusive Hand-Made Ice Bongs
All our ice bongs are exclusively, artisanally hand-made using premium, durable materials only.
Premium Selection of Ice Bongs
Fancy ice pinches, colored ice carbs or freezable glycerin coils – we got you covered!

How Do Ice Bongs Work?

Ice bongs work by having some kind of central feature in the stem which allows ice to be held. This means you can put any amount of ice in your bong, from a couple cubes to filling the entire tube, to create better smoke filtration and a much cooler inhalation.

This is typically referred to as an ice pinch, but other features such as freezable glycerin coils are also available to cool your smoke.

Pros of Ice Bongs:

a. Better for long smoke sessions. As the smoke is a much lower temperature than usual, this takes away the harshness traditionally associated with bong rips. This makes it much easier to tolerate multiple hits over prolonged smoke sessions.

b. Smooth smoke. With the smoke being cooler, this reduces the pain often experienced by regular bong users, as well as significantly reducing the amount of coughing required after each hit.

c. Flavor. Cold smoke allows you to really taste the full flavor palette of the weed, rather than it getting lost in the heat. This also means you’re less likely to experience the unsettling taste of bong water that every smoker dreads.

Cons of Ice Bongs:

a. Cleaning. Some users complain of ice bongs being slightly harder to clean, but if you’re used to cleaning your regular bongs, you shouldn’t find an ice bong to be any more trouble.

b. Come to the dark side. Once you’ve experienced life on the icy side of bongs, you’ll never want to smoke a regular bong again!

Coolest High-Quality Ice Bongs

Cool ice bongs don’t have to look like the cheap novelty items you get in Amsterdam gift shops. We offer an amazing range of lit ice bongs in all kinds of designs that are exclusively premium quality.

Premium Ice Bong Styles

You’re 100% guaranteed to find the freshest styles of ice bongs out there at DippyGlass. With worldwide exclusive designs all made lovingly from the best hand-blown glass around, we’re the number one choice for sleek design at top-end quality. We treat each of our ice bongs not simply as a bong, but as a piece of art- designed with sophistication and functionality at heart.

By cutting out the middleman and buying your ice bong straight from the #1 manufacturer, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the very best ice bong on the internet.

Rick and Morty Ice Bongs – looking for the exclusive online drop of Rick and Morty ice bongs? Look no further. DippyGlass is the only manufacturer making high-quality Rick and Morty ice bongs, so you can get schwifty with the smoothest bong rips from the most luxurious ice pinches around.

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Hello Kitty Ice Bongs – if it’s a girlier twist on the ice bong you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. You shouldn’t have to settle for tacky designs or cheap quality just because you’re looking for a cute ice bong. Our Hello Kitty range is designed with both aesthetics and utility in mind, meaning your smoke session is in equal parts cute and enjoyable.

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Colored ice bongs – DippyGlass accommodates for just about any high-quality design you could think of, and this means we provide ice bongs in almost every color under the sun- just to give you that little bit of edge on your stoner friends

Shop Premium Ice Bongs on a Budget

It’s easy to think that you’ll have to settle for less if you’re shopping for an ice bong on a budget. Wrong! By getting your ice bong straight from the manufacturer, you’re cutting out the extra costs associated with going through an online headshop, meaning many of our top-shelf ice bongs are actually more affordable than you might imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I put ice in a regular bong?
Whilst you could technically put ice in a regular bong, it won’t have the same effect as putting it in an ice pinch. To get the proper effect of having highly filtered, cool smoke, you need to invest in a decent ice bong. You could also damage a regular bong by putting ice in it, as it can cause them to crack if they’re not designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

2. Why buy an ice bong from the manufacturer?
Buying from the manufacturer guarantees you the best quality at the most affordable prices. Our quality has to be top-notch, else it’s our asses on the line! Moreover, you’re cutting out any of the costs associated with having a middleman, meaning the prices you see are the lowest they could feasibly be. It’s a win-win situation.

3. How durable are ice bongs?
Ice bongs are just as durable as regular bongs, if not even more so as they’re designed to maintain their quality while experiencing cold temperatures. Our ice bongs are made from hand-blown scientific glass, making them very durable. The better care you take of your ice bong, the longer it will last, too.

4. What are DippyGlass shipping policies on ice bongs?
All our ice bongs are shipped from the US with free, 1-3 day postage. We offer this shipping on all of our orders, big and small. We always ship with the integrity of the customer in mind, meaning it will arrive in completely plain, discreet packaging.