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Herb Grinders

If you’re after a premium grinder that won’t let you down, DippyGlass is the place to be. Brought to you directly from the manufacturer, we guarantee the best prices, quickest shipping times, and newest designs.

Grinders are often overlooked, but they’re one of the most important factors in how nice your smoke is – making it crucial to invest in a premium piece. Premium doesn’t have to mean expensive, though! We carry some of the cheapest herb grinders around, all with layers for multiple levels of refinery.

Whether you’re after the well-known bestsellers or the unique artistic designs, you’re bound to find that perfect grinder that you don’t go anywhere without in our ranks.

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Herb Grinders from Manufacturers
Put your money in strains, not setups. Cheaper prices when you shop with manufacturers.
FREE, Fast & Discreet Shipping
All herb grinders shipped fast, free, and discreet with USPS shipping.
Exclusive Grinder Designs
Weird and wonderful grinders you won’t see anywhere else.
Premium Selection of Herb Grinders
Huge selection of colorful and character grinders to choose from.

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