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Dab Rigs

DippyGlass is your new best friend when it comes to getting premium dab rigs for less. We bring you the best deals and cheapest prices on the coolest brands, thanks to the fact we ship directly out of the factory.

At both the $100 and $50 or less price points, we offer some of the finest dab rigs for the strongest dab sessions around. Most designs we stock are designed from artists across the world then made in our factory, and shipped directly from the US!

Our oil rigs are made from the toughest scientific glass to withstand the high temperatures needed when smoking concentrates. Browse our bestsellers today for the best and brightest dab rigs of the moment.

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Dab Rigs from Manufacturers
Dab rigs directly from the manufacturer for friendly prices and shipping times.
FREE, Fast & Discreet Shipping
All dab rigs shipped fast, free, and discreet with USPS shipping.
Exclusive Dab Rigs Designs
Worldwide exclusive artistic designs, limited editions for DippyGlass.
Premium Selection of Dab Rigs
Massive collection of high-tech dab rigs with big savings.