Bongs under $50

Buy Premium Bongs Under $50 Online

Bongs under $50

If you’re after the highest quality bongs at the lowest starting prices, DippyGlass has you covered with our hand-picked range of premium bongs under $50. We operate directly from the manufacturer to offer the world’s best bongs without the middleman fees.

Even if you’re shopping with just $50, or even $30, you can still access some of the most durable bongs for the hardest hits. We offer ice carb bongs and percolator bongs in designs exclusive to our store, all for $50 or less.

Because DippyGlass collaborates with some of the world’s favorite bong brands, our collection has some of the classic internet bestsellers for cheaper. Bongs below $50 aren’t just our old models – some of the newest top-tier bongs can also be found in this price bracket. That’s the beauty of buying from the manufacturer!

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Bongs Under $50 from Manufacturers
See a bong for $50, pay $50. No extra fees and free super fast shipping.
FREE, Fast & Discreet Shipping
All bongs under $50 shipped fast, free, and discreet with USPS shipping.
Exclusive Bongs Below $50 Designs
DippyGlass exclusive designs featuring characters and colors you won’t find anywhere else.
Premium Selection of $50 or Less Bongs
Extensive collection of luxury quality bongs for $50 or lower.