Bongs under $30

Buy Premium Bongs Under $30 Online

Bongs under $30

DippyGlass is your new holy grail when it comes to premium bongs under $30. We operate out of the factory to get your bong on its merry way in no time at all and bring you the very best online deals.

Some stoners seem to think a premium bong is the same thing as an expensive bong. This is totally untrue! Some of our fan favorite bestsellers are the cheapest ones – operating out of the manufacturer allows us to sell luxury brands and styles for lower.

Having a budget below $30 doesn’t limit your options. You can still get the sickest girly bongs, perc bongs, and beaker bongs for $30 or $20!

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Bongs Under $30 from Manufacturers
See a bong for $30, buy a bong for $30. No handling or shipping fees.
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All bongs under $30 shipped fast, free, and discreet with USPS shipping.
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We have a huge collection of different bong types below $30.