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Bongs have been used for over 2’400 years – whether its for flowers, dry herbs, or tobacco. They are among the most popular smoking devices since glass bongs filter and chill your dry herbs to produce a stronger yet gentle smoking experience. Internal, as well as external percolators, can be added to smoothen out the smoke even further.

In case your most favorite way to get lit is wax, oils or dabs, head over to our Rick and Morty Rig collections to find yourself a suitable glass piece for your next interdimensional road trip.

Buy a Rick and Morty Bong for Sale!

Before buying your next Space Cruiser, there are a few things to consider, especially when buying online:

  1. Price: Are you overpaying?
    The first and most important question is “how much money are you willing to spend”. The starting price for a cheap Rick and Morty bong online is roughly 50.-, not including the shipping fee. At WoGP however, you’ll find unique Rick and Morty bongs starting at just $14.95 with a 2-day USPS delivery included. There is no other online headshop that offers such cheap prices and fast delivery on any Rick and Morty glass bong for sale.
  2. Delivery Time: How long does it usually take?
    All of our bongs that are marked “In Stock” will be shipped out the very next day, if not on the same day of ordering. Our warehouse is located in Salt Lake City (Utah), which enables us to deliver your bong within 2-days anywhere in the US. We only use USPS First Class Mail, to ensure we provide the most reliable tracking service as well as fast and safe delivery of your piece. Most other online headshops will ship from overseas, which will take an average of around 2 weeks as well as the danger of getting hit with additional import taxes.
  3. Availability: Are they all really “In Stock”?
    We monitor and re-order our inventory on a daily basis to make sure all of our products are in stock at our US warehouse and available for immediate purchase. In addition, we add new collections every few weeks to our shop. We have a dedicated design team that constantly creates new awesome Rick and Morty designs that are exclusively available at WoGP. If you are looking for the newest styles, make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get the best offers first hand.
  4. Secure Payment: Is your information safe?
    On WoGP, you can conveniently pay with PayPal, VISA or Mastercard to benefit from the full protection those credit card companies offer. Our site is secured with the latest McAfee anti-virus software as well as the best https encryption available. We will not ever share any of your data with 3rd parties as well as use them for advertising purposes.
    Different Types of Rick and Morty Bongs

From our wide selection of 100+ themed bongs, there are still a few distinctions to be aware of. We offer classic beaker bongs with ice catchers all the way to straight tube bongs with percolators to provide you with that extra smooth hit!

Rick & Morty Beaker Bongs

For the big boyz! Beaker bongs offer better stability as well as smoother hits than any other base style. The beaker-style base can store more water and smoke than straight tube bongs, enabling you to take longer and deeper hits.

WoGP offers you more than 80 unique types of cheap Rick and Morty beaker bongs starting at just $34.95, including 3-day USPS delivery.

Rick and Morty Straight Tube Bongs

If you feel like Noob Noob – straight tube bongs are the way to go! They look slim and classy, yet go easier on the lungs, as they provide less storage for the water and smoke. Most straight tube bongs come with percolators as well as ice carbs, the perfect way for starters to get used to the new way of smoking their beloved herbs!

WoGP offers you more than 20 unique types of cheap Rick and Morty straight tube ice bongs starting at just $29.95, including 3-day USPS delivery.

Pickle Rick Bongs

In case you would rather challenge Mr. Pickle Rick and kick some rat-ass, we got you covered. Transform yourself into one of three pickles and see how you’ll create your gruesome means of transportation.

WoGP offers you three types of cheap Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Bongs starting at just $33.95, including 3-day USPS delivery.

Features of our Rick and Morty Bongs

We carefully design, produce and test all of our Rick and Morty glass pieces. Only very few get selected, most never make it into production. Some unique features include:

Unique Designs

Over 30 unique Rick and Morty designs were used in styling our bongs. Each of these designs was created by our in-house team to add that special stoner look to them.

Ice Pinches

To add that special smooth cold hit, most of our glass pieces are equipped with three ice pinches to provide some extra space for ice cubes. These ice pinches provide you the best possible cooling effect before inhalation.

Splash Guard

Splash guards are here to prevent the water from the base reaching your mouth as you inhale. Each of our bongs has been fully tested and are completely waterproof.

Colored Glass

To add some excitement to the pack, we’ve carefully designed a few models with some extra colored glass enhancements. These include the mouth tip, the bowl as well as the base.


Most of our bongs include a diffused downstem. These include tiny slits that break up the smoke before it enters the water, thus created more bubbles that chill down the smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find the right bong for me?

The easiest and most fun way is to just browse through all of them, see which one you like the most. If you are on a budget, check out what we have on sale as well as use the price filter for a better result. Each style is unique and offers different types of bases, designs, and sizes as well as colors and percolators. Most of our customers look for the following:

1. Price
2. Purpose
3. Size
4. Design
5. Percolators

How does a Rick and Morty bong work?

Bongs are the most intense and effective way to smoke your dry herbs, tobacco or cannabis because it diffuses the hot smoke through its downstem into the water. This process uniquely filters and chills the smoke to provide you that famous cought free hit.

How are your Rick and Morty bongs made?

Our bongs are all hand blown through a process called glassblowing. We first select what new Rick and Morty design we want to create. After countless design adjustments, we make a few test runs on several bongs to see and feel the new collection. If our team, as well as our fan base, approves the new look, we go ahead with mass production.

The Rick and Morty Bong Collection

Imagine you could join Rick and Morty on their next interdimensional adventure! What if you were in possession of the Morty Adventure Card and have one shot at the portal gun, what dimension would you pick?

After years and years of developing several prototypes of our own, we are finally ready to introduce you to our awesome collections of unique portal guns to get you lit:

The Rick and Morty Themed Glass Bong Collection

With over 30 different designs, features and functions to choose from, everyone will find their best travel mate to conquer all universes/dimensions/realities there are!

Why buy a Rick and Morty Bong?

The coolest piece you’ll ever own
What better way to enjoy a chill smoke session with your favorite cartoon show! A must for every Rick and Morty fan!
Unique stoner look
We’ve created over 30 different and exclusive Rick and Morty stoner designs to be used on our bongs. Characters include Rick, Morty, Pickle Rick and Mr. Meeseeks.
Impress your lads
We just recently launched our collection – meaning this is still top secret. Chances are, that none of your friends even knows, these kinds of portal guns actually exist.
Get lit as fuuu..?!
Each of our bongs has been designed to get the very most out of your dry herb without ever losing full control of the wheel.
Different Types of Rick and Morty Designs

An untold hobby of the 70-year-old scientist/inventor/salesman is his passion for smooth, pure and tasty rips. This design can be found on collection 1c, 2c, and 4c.

The #1 for Rick and Morty Bongs

If you are looking to buy your very first unique Rick and Morty glass piece, you came to the right online headshop. Not only do we offer free 2-day shipping, but we also carry the largest themed bong selection, at the cheapest price possible. Here is an overview of your advantages with WoGP.

  1. The largest selection in the world
    At WoGP, we strive to offer you the largest varieties of all different types of glass pieces, including our beloved Rick and Morty themed bong collection. With over 30 styles, we carry the largest selection of any online headshop in the world.
  2. Fast and free 3-day delivery
    We know the excitement of waiting on your new piece, that’s why all of our orders will be delivered free of charge with USPS First Class Mail only. This means, it literally only takes 1-3 days till your new space cruiser arrives at your doorstep. All of our glass pieces are discretely and fragile proof packaged and shipped.
  3. Unique designs and styles
    If you shop for a new bong, you want something unique and cool. That’s why we created our very own Rick and Morty bongs, that you can not find anywhere else. In addition, we select only certain types of high-quality bongs that provide you all the extra benefits like thick glass, ice pinches, percolators, and a splash guard.
  4. Cheapest prices
    If you shop at WoGP, you never have to worry about over-priced bongs. We always offer certain pieces under $15 as well as run weekly promotions to let you save even more. Go and compare yourself ?.